Steam Engineering Services

We are the Steam + Condensate Experts

With 30+ years of steam engineering experience, we strive to deliver solutions for your plant to achieve unparalleled operation. From steam generation to distribution, Thermdex helps plants optimize their steam systems.

Design + Engineering

– Steam + Condensate System Design

– Structural Piping Design

– Boiler + Deaerator Sizing, Layouts + Installations

– Thermal Energy Recovery (Flash Steam, Blowdown, Flue Gas etc.)

– Isometric, As-Built, + Flow Drawing Packages 

Steam System Evaluation + Review

– Steam Load Profile + Capacity Analysis

– 3D Steam System Scanning + Modeling

– Steam + Condensate Assessments + Roadmap

– Functional Safety Testing for Boiler Devices 

Specialty Steam Systems

– Steam Turbines

– Desuperheaters

– Steam Quality

– Custom Steam System Engineering 

Steam System Engineering Disciplines

Thermdex Engineering has vast experience in steam and condensate systems. We provide solutions to improve system operation, reliability, performance, and efficiency.

Update Boiler Control Systems

Many boiler controls are legacy systems that are no longer supported by the manufacturer. Older systems are also less effective at accurately and reliably controlling the operation of the boiler. Updating your boiler control system will improve operation and typically has a short payback due to the improvements in efficiency. Thermdex is not affiliated with any manufacturer and can offer you an unbiased recommendation for the control package. Many facilities are also looking for ways to improve access to data. An updated boiler control package also provides access to operation and performance data.

High Quality Steam to Steam Turbines

Are you operating a steam turbine? Is your steam quality acceptable? High quality superheated steam is necessary for steam turbines to operate efficiently and reliably. Even if you are operating a saturated steam turbine, steam quality is essential for reliable operation. Thermdex Engineering has the experience and knowledge to ensure that the correct condensate removal solution is implemented. Our engineers also utilize profiling software to determine the level of thermal expansion stresses that are tolerable to the installation.

Changes in Steam Load – Increased or Decreased

Is your plant expanding or has your steam demand declined? Many manufacturers are facing changes in market conditions that impacts the steam generation. Do you need to add another boiler or can you re-allocate thermal resources? Thermdex has the experience to evaluate your system and load profile to identify the most effective approach to meet the changes in steam demand.

Enhance Desuperheater Operation

Many facilities generate superheated steam for a turbine installation but superheated steam does not work well for other manufacturing processes. Desuperheaters are used to return the steam to the saturated level. To provide reliable and effective service, desuperheaters must be specified and installed correctly. Thermdex Engineering has the experience to evaluate your current desuperheater installations, identify deficiencies, and provide solutions to your desuperheater challenges.

Review Pressure Reducing Valve Stations

Many facilities have central steam pressure-reducing valve (PRV) stations to reduce the high pressure steam to a lower level for the manufacturing process. Are you having failures in your PRV station? Are your PRV stations configured correctly and code compliant? Thermdex Engineering can review your PRV Stations to ensure that your PRV meets your reliability and compliance requirements. We can also design you a PRV station and assist with the installation to ensure that your PRV solution supports 10 years of operation without failure.

Analyze Deaerator Systems

Three main functions are performed by deaerators: water is stored for the boiler, water is preheated, and non-condensable gases are scrubbed and discharged into the atmosphere. Deaerators must reduce the oxygen level to 7 PBB to prevent oxygen corrosion in the boiler and overall steam systems. We evaluate operation of the deaerator for its performance in removing the non-condensable gases. If a new deaerator is needed, we can also assist with this. Many items must be considered such as, which is the right choice for your operation? (Spray or tray?), what are the correct operating pressures and correct feedpump selection, and how much steam venting is necessary to guarantee proper operation?

When Installing a Boiler, Evaluate All Variables

When installing a boiler, plant personnel must consider a vast majority of possible variables. From operating pressure to fuel selection to flue gas recovery and heat recovery, there are many variables at stake. Our engineers will assist the plant personnel in the installation and the possible installation options. We ensure that the installed boiler will integrate smoothly with your existing systems, meet all required codes, and in turn, deliver the essential steam supply pressures.

Enhancing Product Quality through Optimal Steam Distribution Systems

Correct steam pressure, quantity, and quality are characteristics that a steam distribution system must deliver. Our engineers complete thorough engineering studies of your steam distribution systems to guarantee that each of the three areas are optimized for top product quality.

Improve Condensate System Efficiency and Safety

To achieve high steam cycle efficiency, your plant needs the highest steam pressure available that does not impact the process to be returned. These condensate systems are categorized as: Gravity, low-pressure, medium-pressure or high-pressure. It is essential that each type of system is applied properly. Thermdex will help you determine the precise condensate pumps for your plant. In addition, we examine and analyze if your current condensate pump design meets standard code requirements to ensure for a safe and efficient operation.

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